Properties Of All Types

Throughout Tioga County, NY



August 9, 2018

6:00 PM

Auction To Be Held At:   Tioga County Office Building- Auditorium,
56 Main Street, Owego, NY 

#5 Town of Nichols - 2953 River Road East





1.                  All properties offered at this auction have been foreclosed under Article 11 of the New York State Real Property Tax Law.


2.                  All properties are sold “AS IS-WHERE IS”.  Bidder shall be solely responsible for determining all conditions of the property prior to bidding.  The County sells only its lien or interest.  All deeds issued shall be by Quit Claim Deed only.  The County makes no representation as to the quality of title, lot size, shape or location or conditions or existence of any or all improvements on any parcel.  The County will not furnish an abstract of title or title insurance.


3.                  All references to Mobile Homes, manufactured housing, or any description thereof are for identification purposes only.  The County makes no representation as to whether or not the mobile home, manufactured housing, shall be considered attached to the property.  All determinations as to the status of the mobile home, manufactured housing, shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser and the County shall make no representations or warranties.


4.                  Properties will be conveyed to the highest qualified bidder.  The Tioga County Legislature reserves the right to reject any and all bids of any kind.  Neither the delinquent taxpayer nor anyone acting on their behalf shall be entitled to bid or purchase the property for less than the full amount due including all taxes, fees and penalties once the County has taken title.  Those individuals who have previously defaulted on a bid, or who are currently delinquent on any other parcel in the County shall not be permitted to bid on any additional County properties offered at this auction.


5.                  Any promotional tools such as photographic slides, tax maps, written or verbal descriptions, etc. are for informational purposes only.  Each bidder should research and visually locate the properties prior to bidding.  Town zoning and building code information can be obtained at the town or village where the property is located.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to research any existing violations or restrictions on the property.


6.                  Risk of loss or damage by fire, vandalism or any other cause (except taking under the power of eminent domain) between the time of sale and the time of deed delivery is assumed by the purchaser.


7.                  All potential Bidders must show acceptable identification for issuance of a Bidder/Buyer number.


8.                  All Bidders and all Buyers must register for this auction and must hold a Bidder/Buyer number.


9.                  Each purchaser will be required to sign a legally binding Property Bid Acknowledgement Form for each purchase which commits the purchaser to compliance with all Terms and Conditions as stated herein.


10.              The Tioga County Treasurer reserves the right to withdraw from sale any properties which are listed and or at his option, to group one or more parcels together into one sale.


11.              All decisions regarding the bidding disputes shall remain completely within the Auctioneer’s discretion.


12.              The Auctioneer retains the right to reject any bid that is not within current bidding increments or that is not an appropriate advancement over the preceding bid.


13.              The Auctioneer and the Seller shall remain forever immune from any and all liability concerning any personal injury, environmental hazards or property damage occurring before, during or after the auction, no matter what the cause.  Additionally, the Auctioneer and Seller shall remain forever immune from the consequence of purchase of any and all properties at this auction.


14.              The winning bidder will be responsible for the removal of any unwanted occupants/tenants on the property after the auction.


15.              Payments shall be made by cash, business or personal check drawn on New York State Or Pennsylvania Bank, bank check, certified check or money order.  Bank instruments must be made payable to the Tioga County Treasurer.  The property transfer reports will be prepared and the closing process conducted by the Tioga County Treasurer’s Office.


16.              Full payment must be made immediately at “knockdown” (when the Auctioneer says sold), for any and all properties sold for $3,000 or less.


17.              For any and all properties sold for more than $3,000, the amount of $3,000 plus 10% of the amount over $3,000 must be paid immediately at “knockdown”.


18.              The Successful Bidder must also pay a Buyers Premium of 7% of the Selling Bid Price, in a separate check or cash payable to Mel Manasse & Son, the day of the Auction.


19.              The remainder of the purchase price must be paid with guaranteed funds and received by the Tioga County Treasurer at a scheduled closing, in approximately one month. All closings must be conducted by September 30th.


Tioga County Treasurer’s Office

56 Main Street, Room 210

Owego, New York 13827


20.              The purchaser, at closing, will pay all recording fees.  Check To Be Made Payable To Tioga County Clerk.


21.              Failure to close on a property or failure to pay the remainder of the purchase price, subjects the purchaser to loss of any and all monies, and all rights or claims to the property in question.



22.              The purchaser will be responsible for the following taxes and charges including all interest and penalties:


-Current 2018 Village Taxes (if property is located in a village)

- School Taxes Due by the end September

-Current Sewer, Water, Lighting or Special District Taxes or charges (if applicable)

-Future Town and County Tax Bills (past due town & county bills have been written off)

             It will be the responsibility of the purchaser to ascertain what charges exist on a property. 

             Please contact the appropriate village, school, or sewer, lighting district or town for this information.



23.              The information booklet lists the 2018 assessments for each property.  Bidders or Purchasers

            with questions regarding assessed values or assessment practices are advised to contact the

            Assessors Office of the town in which the property is located.

~          ~          ~          ~

All Properties Sold “AS IS” – Properties Must Be Researched PRIOR To Bidding

Brochure Is To Be Used Only As A Guide, And Is Subject To Change

Updated Material Will Be Available @ www.manasseauctions.com

Statements Made Day of Sale Take Precedence Over Printed Material.



Brochure Is Continually Being Updated, Please Keep Track Of Our Website @ www.manasseauctions.com For Updated Information.


Scheduled Showing Date & Times


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sale/Serial #: 2016-494        Town of Nichols                       119 Quarry Road

Sale/Serial #: 2016-611       Town of Owego                         2658 State Route 17C



Sale/Serial #: 2016-554       Town of Owego                         437 Front Street  










Town of Barton

Town Of Barton
85 Oak Hill Road South 
Serial Number
: 2016-113  

Lot Size: 122FF x 106 

Tax Map #: 146.19-1-6 
Assessment: $37,000 
Description: 210 – 1 Family Res. White 2 Story Single Family Home in Poor Condition.
School: Tioga

Directions: Rt. 17C in Barton to CR. 11 Oak Hill Road, 200FT House on Left.




Town of Waverly

Town Of Waverly

Address: 439 Fulton Street
Serial Number
: 2015-145 

Lot Size: 68.5FF x 211.67

Tax Map #: 166.19-2-65
Assessment: $9,900 
Description: 962 – Vacant, Goes Street to Street - Fulton Street to Clark Street.
School: Waverly

Directions: In Waverly Take Broad Street to Fulton Street.



Town of Candor

Town Of Candor
 194 Elmer Hill Road
Serial Number
: 2016-363 

Lot Size:  70.5 Acres; 1225 FF Goes Around Sharp Corner.

Tax Map #: 63.00-1-25.13
Assessment: $77,000
Description: 322 – Rural Vac. > 10; Open in Front, Wooded Rear, Has Nice Pond.  
School:  Newark Valley

Directions: West Creek Road From Weltonville to Elmer Hill Rd. 7/10 Miles to Parcel on Left.




Town of Newark Valley

Town Of Newark Valley
 Dalton Hill Road
Serial Number
: 2016-435   

Lot Size: 6.10 Acres; 925 FF

Tax Map #: 54.00-1-5.20
Assessment: $7,000
Description: 314 – Rural Vac. < 10
School: Newark Valley

Directions: From Rt. 38 North of Newark Valley Take Wilson Creek Road. 1.6 Miles to Right on Dalton Hill Road. Go 0.5 Miles to Lot on Right/ Across From White House #611.




Town of Nichols

Town Of Nichols
2953 River Road East
Serial Number
: 2016-490 

Lot Size: 1.5 Acres; 280FF

Tax Map #: 149.00-1-33
Assessment: $27,000
Description: 311 – Res. Vac. Land; Looks Like It Had a Home on it, Has Utilities, Borders River on Other Side of it.
School: Owego-Apalachin

Directions: From Nichols Take River Road East 3 Miles to Lot on Right, Just Before House #3007











Town Of Nichols
 119 Quarry Road
Serial Number
: 2016-494 

Lot Size: 1 Acre

Tax Map #: 138.00-1-16
Assessment: $12,000
Description: 270 – Mfg. Housing; Gray Singlewide; Mobile Home –Large Home in Secluded Area. Also 2-Car Detached Garage. Nice Setting, Has River Frontage.
School: Owego-Apalachin

Directions: From Lounsbury Take River Road East, Go 1.2 Miles to Left on Quarry Rd., Go 2/10 To Place on Right.







Town of Owego

Town Of Owego
Village Of Owego
 437 Front Street
Serial Number
: 2016-554 

Lot Size: 0.24 Acres; 128FF x 45FF

Tax Map #: 129.05-4-12
Assessment: $48,100
Description: 220 – 2 Family Res. Grey Sided 2-Story 2 Family Home with Garage/Barn in Rear.
School: Owego-Apalachin

Directions: Corner Of Front Street & East Front Street, In Village of Owego.





Town Of Owego
Village Of Owego
McMaster Street (W/s)  
Serial Number
: 2016-594 

Lot Size: 0.47 Acres; 175.22FF x 63.59

Tax Map #: 128.08-1-1.211
Assessment: $4,700
Description: 312 – Vac. w/ Imprv. Vacant Residential Lot.
School: Owego-Apalachin
Directions: Rt. 17C Main Street top McMaster Street.



Town Of Owego
2658 State Route 17C
Serial Number
: 2016-611 

Lot Size: 0.50 Acres; 107FF x 245

Tax Map #: 129.00-3-64
Assessment: $44,500
Description: 210 – 1 Family Res. Grey Sided, Single Family Ranch Home w/ 1 Car Detached Garage, Vacant.
School: Owego-Apalachin
Directions: From Owego by McDonalds Take Rt. 17C East 1.2 Miles to Home on Right.







Town Of Owego
Village Of Owego
Orchard Ave Rear 111
Serial Number
: 2016-612

Lot Size: 0.23 Acres; 75 x 131.25

Tax Map #: 129.13-1-61
Assessment: $2,700
Description: 311 – Res. Vac. Land; Landlocked.
School:  Owego-Apalachin
Directions: Rt. 434 to Orchard Ave Development.











Town Of Owego
Village Of Owego
550 East Main Street
Serial Number
: 2016-683 

Lot Size: 0.25 Acres; 66FF x 165

Tax Map #: 129.05-3-25
Assessment: $9,700
Description: 311 – Res. Vac. Land
School: Owego-Apalachin
Directions: East Main Street in Village of Owego.






Town Of Owego
Village Of Owego
125 Chestnut Street
Serial Number
: 2016-708 

Lot Size: 0.12 Acres; 40FF x 132

Tax Map #: 128.08-3-79
Assessment: $28,000
Description: 210 – 1 Family Res. Red Sided 2-Story Single Family Home – Occupied.
School: Owego-Apalachin
Directions: Main St. to Spencer Ave to Chestnut St. or Rt. 38-North Ave to Chestnut St. In Village.





Town Of Owego
Village Of Owego
134 McMaster Street
Serial Number
: 2016-725 

Lot Size: 0.14 Acres; 49.98FF x 129.49

Tax Map #: 128.08-1-62
Assessment: $8,700
Description: 311 – Res. Vac. Land w/ Small Steel Building.
School: Owego-Apalachin
Directions: Rt. 17C Main Street to McMaster St. In Village.




Town of Richford

Town Of Richford
393 Rockefeller Road
Serial Number
: 2016-765 

Lot Size: 1.20 Acres; 200FF

Tax Map #: 4.00-1-9
Assessment: $9,500
Description: 314 – Rural Vac. < 10; Vacant Land Parcel, Had Home One Time.
School: Newark Valley
Directions: From Richford Take Rt. 79 West 2 Miles to Michigan Hill Rd. Go 2 Miles to Right onto Rockefeller Rd. Go 1.4 Miles to Place on Left Just Passed Mailbox 287.







Town Of Richford
Creamery Road
Serial Number
: 2016-814 

Lot Size: 5.03 Acres; 330.03 FF

Tax Map #: 2.00-2-20
Assessment: $17,300
Description: 314 – Rural Vac. < 10; Open in Front and Wooded in Rear, Vacant Lot. Close to NY State Land.
School: Newark Valley
Directions: In Richford Take Rt. 79 to W. Hill School Rd. to Intersection of Robinson Hollow Road & Creamery Road, Go 800FT to Lot on Right.




Town of Tioga

Town Of Tioga
Ross Hill Road
Serial Number
:  2016-884

Lot Size: 1.18 Acres; 548FF

Tax Map #: 136.00-1-28.10
Assessment: $100
Description: 314 – Rural Vac. < 10; Landlocked.
School: Tioga
Directions: From Barton Take Foster Road to Ross Hill Road, to Henton Road, 8/10 Mile to Place on Right.  Behind 232 Henten Rd., Brown Doublewide







Town Of Tioga
Allyn Road
Serial Number
: 2016-898 

Lot Size: 140 x 218

Tax Map #: 148.00-1-15.10
Assessment: $200
Description: 311 – Res. Vacant Land
School: Tioga
Directions: Route 17C in Smithboro, Take Halsey Valley Road 3/10 Miles to Allyn Road, Go ˝ Mile to Lot Next to House #87.







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